The MANU jewellery manufactory has precisely the right jewellery for style-conscious women. Clear design and craftsmanly charm distinguish these pieces. This brand’s name defines its mission because manu is the Latin word for “hand”: jewellery from MANU has character, and all of it is made exclusively by hand. MANU creates jewellery that may seem sleek and simple at first glance, but reveals highly refined details upon closer scrutiny. 

 Dynamic windings, nobly matte textures or uniquely styled surfaces add lively effects to these pieces. The choice of materials perfectly matches this: high-quality silver and gold unite stylishly, while lush pearls, brilliant-cut diamonds or coloured gems add elegant accents. In addition, boldly contrasting combinations of materials, including natural rubber in some items, create exciting eye-catchers with the utmost wearing comfort. MANU’s motto is character rather than bling. The results are eye-catchers with understatement.