Gemstones & Jewellery

Precious gems are captivating – they catch your eye, they capture your imagination. Cut with care to show off their light-reflective properties, radiant gemstones are a joy to work with and an item to treasure.

Here at Webbs, Olly and Nick have been working with gemstones and jewellery for over 60 years. Olly is a Fellow of the Gemological Association – qualified to guarantee that the gold, gemstones and diamonds he uses are all free from conflict. He’s also an artisan, with a passion for sharing the provenance of each stone.

Sourcing and checking each one himself – the cut, the clarity, colour and carat – Olly hand-crafts individual the perfect settings for opal, pearl, aquamarine, tanzanite, emerald, ruby and of course diamond jewellery. We never use castings – everything is made by hand, a one-off that’s unique. We create bespoke gem settings, perhaps for very personal items of jewellery such as engagement or memory rings, or Olly can work with you on remodelling a piece of jewellery completely. 

Remodelling Jewellery

Remodelling jewellery is popular, but you do need an experienced jeweller. Remodelling jewellery is a way to retain the sentimental value of a piece, but create something that gives you joy when you wear it. We can reuse the raw materials, reset gemstones, or use the essence of an original piece as inspiration for a new one.

Jewellery that’s inherited or handed down sometimes does need a new lease of life. Many of our customers bring in ear-rings, pendants, or rings that have been in a jewellery box for years because it seems a shame to keep them hidden away. “I wouldn’t wear it as it is … but I don’t want to sell it?” Simple alterations may make all the difference, or Olly can remodel a piece of jewellery completely to suit your individual style.