Olly Webb individually designs and expertly creates beautifully handcrafted fine jewellery. If you are searching for unique or unusual jewellery that will reflect your personality, individuality and lifestyle, he will design and create a truly exceptional jewel tailored to your own specifications.
Each and every item of our bespoke jewellery is created in house here at Webbs Jewellers. Each unique piece of fine jewellery is specifically designed and manufactured to meet our client's individual requirements and expectations.
We have the experience of making jewellery for over 60 years collectively. None of our handmade jewellery is made using castings which ensures individuality, quality and durability of products. We make rings today as they have been made for over a hundred years and will continue to do so.
Our expert craftsmanship allows us to create truly unique jewellery handcrafted to the highest standards without compromise.
At Webbs Jewellers we use only the highest quality gold, platinum, precious metals, diamonds and gemstnes sourced from ethical suppliers.